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We write about ways to learn more about the powerful Microsoft DAX language.
Look up values within a date range

Want to look up values that correspond to certain date ranges and match them to dates? Read on.

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DAX GroupBy and Evaluation Context in DAX

I recently came across an interesting use case for the Groupby function in DAX, and while doing so, thought it would also make a great example for explaining evaluation context in DAX. Consider the following table of data showing purchase requirements for two products, from multiple suppliers. Each product/SKU combination can only be bought in […]

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Seasonal Safety Stock

Seasonality is an important phenomenon to consider for many businesses, and in the context of this post refers not only to seasons in terms of Winter, Summer, and so on, but will also consider how you can report on business activity in terms of custom-defined seasons. To state the obvious, an ice cream shop might […]

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Pivot Tables 101: How to construct a pivot table and how not to Construct one

Many people who do not regard themselves as Excel gurus find themselves in situations where they would like to be able to represent tabular data somehow to allow them the functionality of filtering, cross-tabulation (pivoting) and hierarchical sorting that pivot tables offer. The Excel wizard for creating pivot tables could certainly have been more instructive, […]

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Custom Time Intelligence Formulas in DAX: Financial Year June to July

Many companies operate across financial years rather than calendar years, and still others operate across a 4-4-5 calendar or some variation thereof. This post will talk about reporting numbers across financial years – that is,  starting on the 1st of July and finishing on the 30th of June. You may be familiar with some of […]

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Create a Date Table with Power Pivot

I’m not going to delve into the intricacies of  what a date table is and when you need one here, as it has already been extensively covered by numerous blogs and help links. Rather, this post is dedicated to pointing out Power Pivot’s automatic date table function, which I have only recently discovered. I was pretty excited about […]

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